A campaign in its infancy. Set on the world of Oerth along the Wooly Coast.

It is CY 576 and the Red Death has devastated the land. The villagers of Timber, along the river Jewel, have long ago lost contact with the larger towns of Safeton to the north and Highpoint far to the south. Ships plying upriver to Greyhawk or ports to the south have ceased to weigh anchor for fear of the disease and travelers have also become scarce. The lumberjacks and their families have left and only a few hardy folk remain within the desolate village.

If plague and desolation were not enough, the tales of Virinella, banshee of the Suss Woods have returned. The few remaining villagers lock their doors tight after the sun goes down and hang belladonna from the rafters to keep the ancient elven maiden at bay, but so far, nothing has been able to deter the evil being. One by one she has picked off the survivors, stealing them from their beds upon each new moon.

Two weeks ago Pardo and Thandre were paid a visit by Virinella. Their children, Veilmore and Baldor awoke in the morning to find themselves alone in their tiny house along the village square. Their parents bed was amess and empty. The villagers noted with concern the lack of grief upon the faces of the two brothers during the symbolic funeral held a few days later. But what the villagers did not realize was that Veilmore and Baldor did not grief for lack of love for their parents, but because they had hope. Hope that Pardo and Thandre were still alive. And the brothers were overcome with another emotion – that of desire. Desire for revenge.

It took a few days, but the brothers eventually hatched a plan to track down and rescue their parents from the clutches of the banshee. Enlisting the aid of their lifelong friend, Rowynn, the three young souls left the village one morning and headed out for the only logical place to begin their search – Ruburak, the ancient home of Matryoshka, long dead Queen of the Selee Court.


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